Gili Getaway Fast Boat

The introduction of fast boat services has made traveling from Serangan to Gili Air convenient. Reputable operators offer daily services with multiple departure times, ensuring flexibility for travelers. It’s important to note that most fast boats briefly stop at Gili Trawangan (approximately 15 minutes) before heading to Gili Air.

Boat NameDepartureArrivalPrice
Bali EkajayaSerangan (Bali)
Gili Air
Start from
USD 40
Bluewater ExpressSerangan (Bali)
Gili Air
Start from
USD 40
Gili GetawaySerangan (Bali)
Gili Air
Start from
USD 40

Boat Ticket from Serangan to Gili Air

The average cost of a one-way fast boat ticket from Serangan to Gili Air is approximately $40.00 USD. Discounted fares are often available for travelers booking a return trip, making it a cost-effective choice. Prices may vary based on seasonal demand, with higher rates during peak seasons and potential discounts during off-peak periods.

Click the ‘Get Price’ button above to find your travel dates’ exact prices and availability. Our intuitive booking platform allows you to check real-time updates on fares and schedules, ensuring you secure the best deal for your journey to Gili Air.

Fast Boat Operators from Serangan to Gili Air

Traveling from Serangan to Gili Air is easy and convenient, and several fast boat operators offer daily services. Companies like Eka Jaya, Gili Getaway, and Bluewater Express provide reliable options for this route. These boats typically feature modern amenities, safety equipment, and sometimes even on-board entertainment. The journey usually takes around 2 to 2.30 hours, depending on the operator and weather conditions. Many operators also offer hotel pick-up and drop-off services in Bali, enhancing travelers’ convenience.

Travel Duration from Serangan to Gili Air

The fast boat’s travel time typically takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes, offering a comfortable and efficient passage between Serangan and Gili Air. While travel times can be influenced by weather conditions, rest assured that our operators prioritize safety and reliability to provide a pleasant travel experience.

How to book a fast boat from Serangan to Gili Air

Experience the convenience of booking your fast boat from Serangan to Gili Air online. Simply use the search box above to check live availability, prices, and schedules. Your booking will be instantly confirmed, and you’ll receive your e-tickets directly by email. The boat operator will also email you confirmation to ensure your peace of mind.

Booking your ticket online offers numerous benefits. You can bypass the long queues at the ticket counters, secure the best price, and receive instant confirmation and e-tickets by email. Moreover, you can avoid potential scams by street vendors who might sell you a fast boat ticket from a different, lower-budget company. We assure you that we only collaborate with reliable boat operators with proven track records, giving you confidence in your booking.

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