Bali and Lombok are two islands that are tourism favorites in Indonesia. Many visitors feel it’s a shame to only visit Bali without exploring its neighboring island, which is also known for its beauty. Likewise, vice versa. With fast boat services available on both islands, your visit will be more efficient as it saves a lot of travel time. The existing fast boat services usually connect ports from popular tourist locations in Bali such as Sanur, Lombok, and small islands that are gaining prominence in the tourism scene like Gili Trawangan. In Lombok itself, there are several ports to visit if you need to catch a fast boat to Bali or the Gilis

Teluk Nara Port

Teluk Nara Port can be considered a transportation hub connecting Bali and the Gili Islands using fast boat services. The location of Teluk Nara itself is on the north side of Senggigi Port, approximately a 30-minute drive away. In addition to being a transit point for fast boats from Bali, this port also serves as a docking point for fast boats and small boats from the Gili Islands, especially Gili Trawangan. You won’t have trouble finding fast boat services at this port because fast boats offering direct services to Bali can be found every day. Using a fast boat through Teluk Nara to Bali is relatively faster compared to using a ferry from Lembar Port, located on the west side of Lombok Island.

Teluk Kodek Port

Teluk Kodek Port serves as another alternative option that can be used if you want to cross to Gili Trawangan, for example. To reach Gili Trawangan, you can use public boats from Bangsal Port at relatively low costs. However, these public boats have operational hour limitations. It’s not uncommon for visitors to be disappointed because, on that day, the public boats have already finished their operations. Using a fast boat can be the right option. You can depart from a port specifically designated as a transit point for fast boats, which is not far from Senggigi Port. This port is also often used as a stopover for Phinisi boats sailing between Bali and Flores.


Senggigi Port is the solution offered by the government to address the issues arising from the relocation of the airport from Mataram to Praya. The airport relocation has caused many visitors to face difficulties in reaching tourist locations in Lombok, including Senggigi Beach, which is one of the main tourist destinations in Lombok. Senggigi Port was built as a transit point for fast boats to and from Bali, Lombok, and Gili Trawangan directly. This port usually operates from 09:00 until late afternoon every day. The port itself is located right in the Senggigi Beach area, so you won’t have any trouble finding it.


Bangsal Port is often used by local residents to cross to and from the Gili Islands. Traditional boats are used for this purpose, with tickets sold at quite affordable prices. Therefore, these boats are often crowded with passengers and goods. Bangsal Port is synonymous with traditional boat transportation, so you may have difficulty finding a fast boat to Gili Trawangan there. However, it’s still possible to find fast boat services to Bali, for example. This port is located on the north side of Lombok Island, approximately a 45-minute drive from Senggigi Beach.

Four of The Best Fast Boat Ports in Lombok
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