The need for transportation facilities is not only for land and air routes but also for sea routes. The sea is still considered a good transportation route to utilize. Sea routes can be used not only for passenger crossings but also for goods that cannot be transported by land routes. Therefore, maritime transportation technology is increasingly being developed, one of which is the current fast boat technology. Perhaps you have often heard various terms such as speedboats and other types of sea vessels that provide similar services.

For those living in areas with vast sea territories, current fast boat technology is incredibly beneficial. These fast boats are equipped with various facilities and tailored to the needs of the institutions that will use them. For example, those produced by PT Bay Industrial have succeeded in creating ships with bulletproof technology. It’s even been reported that these ships have attracted international attention, impressed by their performance and technology. They are suitable for maritime patrols with a capacity of more than 10 passengers. The main raw material for these ships is polymer composite coated with special foam to withstand fired bullets. The price reportedly exceeds 3 billion, and the Asian region has become a consumer ordering these ships.

Then, for commercial needs, there are also fastboats produced by Sindex. These fastboats were officially launched in February last year. For those who want to vacation in the areas of Gili Trawangan, Senggigi, and Gili Air, this fastboat is a recommended choice. There are several package prices available that you can choose according to your needs. The boat has a length of 25 meters and a width of 5 meters. The navigation system is made of aluminum. The communication system used is very complete and meets international standards. Sindex fastboats have advantages such as safety at high speeds. In addition, the cabin is equipped with AC, DVD player, toilet, safety standards, CCTV, GPS, sun deck, etc. One fastboat can accommodate up to 116 passengers. Ticket prices are adjusted according to the destination, whether it’s for one-way or round trip.

With the current fastboat technology, inter-island travel has become very easy and practical. You can arrive faster than before. These fast boats have a fairly high speed and are designed with powerful engines of higher quality compared to typical vessels. With fast boats, travel time will be shorter, and the number of passengers that can be carried will also increase. However, for everyone’s safety, passengers and ship crew must adhere to safety standards. For example, you are not exceeding the maximum capacity by overcrowding. There have been many incidents of ships sinking due to this.

For the type of engine, it varies depending on the type of fastboat. Some fast boats use multiple engines, while others only use one type of engine. It all depends on the specifications of the boat. Fast boats can be ordered for personal, corporate, or commercial needs. The price range varies depending on how advanced the boat you want to own. The more advanced the boat, the more expensive it will be.

Getting to Know Current Fast Boat Technology
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