Bangsal harbor Lombok

Bangsal Harbor serves as the main gate of maritime activity from mainland Lombok to the Gili Islands. Boasting a diverse array of transportation options, including local boats, charter boats, and fast boats. The harbor ensures regular departures to the Gilis, fostering convenience for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the islands’ splendor. Bangsal Harbor is like a busy doorway to the Gili Islands, which are beautiful spots just off the coast of Lombok. To get there, you need to know about the different ways to travel from Bangsal to the Gilis.

Hourly Departures Boat from Lombok to Gili Islands

With local boats and fast boats departing hourly, travelers enjoy unparalleled accessibility to the Gili Islands. The main boat operator is Karya Bahari fast boats, allowing for flexible trip planning to the Gili Islands. Karya Bahari Fast Boat offers fast transfer from Lombok to Gili Islands, including Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan.

If you have a special schedule or want a more private experience, you can hire a private boat from Bangsal Harbor. This lets you choose when you want to leave and gives you more control over your journey. Whether embarking on early morning expeditions or twilight ventures, chartering a boat from Bangsal Harbor provides flexibility and convenience, enabling travelers to craft their ideal island experience.

Getting Gili Islands from Lombok International Airport

If you’re arriving at Lombok International Airport, it takes about two hours to reach Bangsal Harbor by road. You can use airport transport services or book online rides. You might even ask your driver to stop at cool places along the way to make the trip more fun. When you arrive at Bangsal Harbor, it’s best to buy your tickets. We hope that you have booked the ticket, so arriving at Bangsal harbor for direct check in. You can also buy a ticket with online booking at trusted site like This helps you avoid any problems with fake ticket sellers at the harbor and ensures a smooth start to your island adventure.

Seamless Transport Options from Bangsal Harbor to Gili Islands
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