Wonderlust Cruise Boat Transfer to Nusa Penida

Imagine standing on the warm sands of Sanur Beach, the sun rising behind you as the waves gently lap at the shore. You’re about to embark on an adventure with Wanderlust Cruise, the leading provider of fast, comfortable, and safe boat transfers to some of the most stunning destinations in Indonesia. With the motto “Sailing Straight to The Paradise,” Wanderlust Cruise promises an unforgettable journey, filled with breathtaking views and seamless service.

Wonderlust Cruise Destinations

Sanur to Nusa Penida: Your journey begins with a scenic ride from Sanur Beach to the mesmerizing island of Nusa Penida. As the boat speeds across the clear blue waters, you can envision the dramatic cliffs, secluded beaches, and vibrant marine life awaiting you.

Padangbai to Gili Islands and Lombok: Alternatively, you might depart from Padangbai, heading towards the tranquil Gili Islands or the lush landscapes of Lombok. These destinations offer a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, with pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and rich cultural experiences.

Gili Nusa Fast Boat

Wonderlust Cruise Boat Fleet:

Wanderlust Cruise boasts a fleet of two state-of-the-art boats: Gili Nusa and Gili Nusa I. These boats are not just modes of transport; they are gateways to paradise, designed to provide the highest standards of comfort, safety, and efficiency.

Gili Nusa: Next, imagine boarding Bali Nusa, a high-speed craft known as Gili Nusa I. Built-in 2018, this boat is slightly smaller but equally impressive. Its sleek design and powerful engines promise a quick and enjoyable trip to your destination.

Dimensions: Bali Nusa measures 19 meters long and 4.3 meters wide, with a depth of 1.3 meters. Despite being smaller, it is perfectly designed to offer comfort and stability to its 84 passengers, managed by skilled crews.

Performance: Powered by 5 SUZUKI engines, each providing 250 HP, Bali Nusa can reach a thrilling top speed of 30 knots, with a comfortable cruising speed.

Capacity: With a fuel tank of 1300 liters, Bali Nusa ensures a seamless journey without unnecessary delays.

Gili Nusa I Boat to Nusa Penida

Gili Nusa I: As you step aboard Gili Nusa I, you’re greeted by the friendly crew and the promise of a smooth and exciting journey. This high-speed craft, named Crystal Ocean 71, was built in 2017. Made from sturdy fiberglass and proudly flying the Indonesian flag, Gili Nusa 1 is designed to handle the sea with grace and speed.

Dimensions: At 20.5 meters long and 5 meters wide, with a depth of 1.6 meters, Gili Nusa 1 is spacious enough to accommodate 100 passengers comfortably, along with a dedicated crew of 5.

Performance: with 7 powerful HONDA engines, each providing 250 HP, the boat can reach speeds of up to 29 knots, cruising smoothly at 25 knots. This ensures that your journey is not only swift but also exhilarating.

Capacity: Gili Nusa I is equipped with a fuel tank holding 2000 liters and a water tank with a capacity of 700 liters, ensuring it can make the journey without frequent stops.

Gili Nusa Fast Boat

 A Journey Filled with Comfort and Safety

Both Gili Nusa I and Gili Nusa are equipped with modern navigational tools and safety equipment. GPS systems by Garmin, lifeboats, life jackets, and fire extinguishers are all on board, ensuring your safety at all times. Additionally, each boat has air conditioning, a cruise director, and complimentary amenities like mineral water, candy, anti-sickness tablets, and cold towels to make your journey as pleasant as possible.

Wanderlust Cruise Schedule

Departing From Destination Departure Time
Sanur Port (Bali) Gili Trawangan Port 09:00:00 – 13:00:00
Sanur Port (Bali) Gili Air Port  09:00:00 – 13:15:00
Sanur Port (Bali) Bangsal Harbor  09:00:00 – 13:30:00
Gili Trawangan Port Sanur Port  12:30:00 – 16:00:00
Gili Air Port  Sanur Port  13:00:00 – 16:30:00
Bangsal Harbor  Sanur Port  13:30:00 – 16:30:00
Toyapakeh Port  Gili Trawangan Port  10:30:00 – 12:30:00
Toyapakeh Port  Gili Air Port  10:30:00 – 12:30:00
Toyapakeh Port  Bangsal Harbor 10:30:00 – 12:30:00
Gili Trawangan Port  Toyapakeh Port 12:30:00 – 15:30:00
Gili Air Port (Gili Air) Toyapakeh Port  12:45:00 – 15:30:00
Bangsal Harbor  Toyapakeh Port 13:30:00 – 15:30:00
Yellow Bridge  Gili Trawangan Port  09:00:00 – 11:30:00
Yellow Bridge  Gili Air Port 09:00:00 – 11:30:00
Yellow Bridge  Bangsal Harbor 09:00:00 – 11:30:00
Gili Trawangan Port  Yellow Bridge  12:30:00 – 15:30:00
Gili Air Port  Yellow Bridge  12:45:00 – 15:30:00
Bangsal Harbor  Yellow Bridge  13:30:00 – 15:30:00
Yellow Bridge  Toyapakeh Port  09:00:00 – 09:15:00
Toyapakeh Port  Yellow Bridge  10:00:00 – 10:15:00
Yellow Bridge  Toyapakeh Port  12:00:00 – 12:15:00
Toyapakeh Port  Yellow Bridge  13:00:00 – 13:15:00
Yellow Bridge  Toyapakeh Port  16:00:00 – 16:15:00
Toyapakeh Port  Yellow Bridge  16:30:00 – 16:45:00
Padangbai Harbor  Gili Trawangan Port  10:00:00 – 12:00:00
Padangbai Harbor  Gili Air Port  10:00:00 – 12:15:00
Padangbai Harbor  Bangsal Harbor  10:00:00 – 12:30:00
Gili Trawangan Port  Padangbai Harbor  12:00:00 – 14:30:00
Gili Air Port (Gili Air) Padangbai Harbor  12:30:00 – 14:30:00
Bangsal Harbor  Padangbai Harbor 13:30:00 – 14:30:00

As you sail with Wanderlust Cruise, feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face, knowing that every moment of your journey is crafted with care and excellence. Whether you’re exploring the cliffs of Nusa Penida or the serene beaches of the Gili Islands and Lombok, Wanderlust Cruise promises not just a trip, but an adventure to remember. Visit https://kapalcepat.com to begin your journey to paradise.