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For tourists vacationing in the Ubud area and planning a trip to the Gili Islands-Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air—today, it is straightforward to make it happen as there are many transportation options available from Ubud to the Gili Islands. Ubud is one of the main destinations in Bali, and there are many activities to do there. The natural scenery and rafting adventures are among the most challenging activities. After spending a few days in Ubud, tourists usually move to other destinations, and the Gili Islands often become one of the top choices.

Transportation From Ubud to Gili Islands

Ekajaya Mantra Boat

Several transportation options from Ubud to the Gili Islands include fast boats and flights. Fast boats are the primary choice because Ubud is near Padangbai Harbor, where almost all fast boats depart for the Gili Islands. Tourists staying in Ubud can take a car to Padangbai Harbor. Many transportation service providers offer direct transfers from Ubud to Padangbai. The cost of transportation from central Ubud to Padangbai ranges from IDR 350,000 to 400,000 per car.

We recommend purchasing fast boat tickets from Padangbai to the Gili Islands in advance, which can be done online with instant confirmation. The price of fast boat tickets from Padangbai to the Gili Islands ranges from IDR 250,000 to 550,000 per person and usually increases during the high season. We do not recommend buying tickets on the day of departure or going directly to the harbor, as they are generally fully booked.

Recommended Fast Boats Ubud to Gili islands

Many fast boats offer direct crossings from Padangbai to the Gili Islands. Here are some fast boats with the best records and the most popular among tourists visiting the Gili Islands.

Wahana Virendra Fast BoatWahana Virendra is your premier choice for swift and comfortable travel from Padangbai to the breathtaking Gili Islands and enchanting Lombok. Our fast boat service offers unparalleled speed, safety, and comfort, ensuring you reach your tropical destination in style.
Wijaya Perkasa Fast Boat BaliWijaya Perkasa, Embark on an unforgettable journey with Wijaya Perkasa fast boat as we sail from Padangbai to the captivating Gili Islands. Our fast boat service glides through the azure waters of the Indonesian archipelago, directly transferring to three stunning destinations: Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Lombok (Bangsal).
Bali Ekajaya Fast BoatEkajaya Fast Boat Offers unparalleled services and a commitment to safety. It is the foremost choice for travelers seeking swift and enjoyable journeys across these breathtaking destinations. The company boasts a fleet of modern aluminum ferries, each 34 meters long and accommodating up to 210 passengers.
The Best Transfer From Ubud to Gili Islands
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