Wahana Virendra fast boat service to Gili Embark on a seamless voyage to paradise with Wahana Virendra Fast Boat. Your premier choice for swift and comfortable travel from Padangbai to the breathtaking Gili Islands and enchanting Lombok. Our fast boat service offers an unparalleled combination of speed, safety, and comfort, ensuring you reach your tropical destination in style. Renowned for its prompt and efficient services, Wahana Virendra ensures swift transfers ranging from 1 hour and 15 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes. Bid farewell to lengthy, monotonous trips and embrace the excitement of arriving at your destination in record time.

Wahana Virendra Luxury SeatsAt Wahana Virendra Fast Boat, safety remains our foremost concern. Our fast boats feature cutting-edge navigation systems and undergo regular maintenance, ensuring compliance with the most stringent safety protocols. Our commitment to safety is evident through the provision of life crafts and jackets, complemented by CCTV, GPS, and HT Radio systems. Rest assured, you’re in capable hands from the moment you board until you reach your final destination.

Wahana Virendra Onboard Amenities

Wahana Virendra Captain ControlExperience unparalleled comfort and convenience with ample luggage storage, digital entertainment options, and a spacious sun deck catering to 15 passengers. Powered by Honda engines boasting 8x250HP, we guarantee swift speeds across the sea. Comprehensive insurance coverage offers peace of mind throughout your island adventure.

Wahana Virendra Destinations

Gili Islands LombokWahana Virendra Fast Boat offers multiple destinations, including the idyllic Gili Trawangan and Lombok. Enjoy the freedom to explore these tropical havens at your leisure. Our convenient transfer services make accessing these captivating destinations a breeze. Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of the Gili Islands, including the renowned Gili Trawangan, and the serene landscapes of Lombok. Delight in the crystalline waters, vibrant coral reefs, and sun-drenched beaches as you craft memories to cherish forever.

Wahana Virendra Fast Boat Schedule

Departing From Destination Departure Time
Padangbai Harbor(Bali) Gili Trawangan Port(Gili Trawangan) 09:00:00 – 11:00:00
Padangbai Harbor(Bali) Gili Air Port(Gili Air) 09:00:00 – 11:15:00
Padangbai Harbor(Bali) Bangsal Harbor(Lombok) 09:00:00 – 11:30:00
Gili Trawangan Port(Gili Trawangan) Padangbai Harbor(Bali) 10:30:00 – 13:00:00
Gili Air Port(Gili Air) Padangbai Harbor(Bali) 11:00:00 – 13:00:00
Bangsal Harbor(Lombok) Padangbai Harbor(Bali) 11:20:00 – 13:00:00
Padangbai Harbor(Bali) Gili Trawangan Port(Gili Trawangan) 12:30:00 – 14:00:00
Padangbai Harbor(Bali) Gili Air Port(Gili Air) 12:30:00 – 14:30:00
Padangbai Harbor(Bali) Bangsal Harbor(Lombok) 12:30:00 – 14:30:00
Gili Trawangan Port(Gili Trawangan) Padangbai Harbor(Bali) 14:00:00 – 16:30:00
Gili Air Port(Gili Air) Padangbai Harbor(Bali) 14:30:00 – 17:00:00
Bangsal Harbor(Lombok) Padangbai Harbor(Bali) 15:00:00 – 17:00:00
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