Mahi Mahi Dewata provides the best service for fast boats to Gili and Lombok from Bali. With excellent service, high-quality water transportation facilities, and a professional crew, Mahi Mahi Dewata ensures a pleasant and comfortable journey between Bali and Lombok.

As a domestic company founded in 2013 and owned by Balinese individuals, Mahi Mahi Dewata ensures that all passengers disembark from the ship feeling satisfied. Mahi Mahi Dewata also proudly states that the company has maintained a 100% safety record thus far.

Mahi Mahi Dewata provides charter, private, and speed boat services for transportation between Padang Bai Port or Serangan Port and Lombok. With a team of 30 professional crew members and staff, Mahi Mahi Dewata is always ready to assist passengers during their journey, carefully selected from experienced candidates with years of experience in water travel and passenger services. All crew members and staff are also licensed to ensure professional service.

Mahi Mahi Dewata also offers high-quality, fast boats to Gili and Lombok, equipped with complete safety facilities and great comfort. Each boat carries 70 passengers and 5 crew members. The specifications for these boats include:

  • Maximum speed of 80 km/h (45 knots).
  • Cruising speed of 53-60 km/h (30-35 knots).
  • SOLAS jackets for every passenger, throw rings, plus a life raft measuring 3×25 meters.
  • 5×250 HP Suzuki engines, along with radio beacon, VHF radio, distress beacon, and GPS system, including for emergency situations.
  • Sun deck roof and toilet facilities.

The fast boats are new and regularly inspected to ensure optimal performance and safety quality. The Mahi Mahi Dewata also provides insurance for passengers and other requirements to ensure your safety and comfort.
Note: The fast boat is no longer operated

Mahi mahi dewata
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